Jual Video Tutorial Digital tutor – Modeling Architectural Destruction in Maya

ImageKode : D002, Kategori : Video Training
Judul : Digital tutor – Modeling Architectural Destruction in Maya
Harga 1 DVD : 10.000

Deskripsi : In this series of lessons we’re going to use a variety of modeling tools and techniques to create damage effects using a building.
Damaging 3d models presents some interesting challenges and creates new issues from a modeling point of view. Perhaps you now need to build an engine because a shot calls for the hood of your CG car to be damaged. Or the walls of your set have been damaged, displaying their inner structure. We’ll cover some basic techniques for adding the needed resolution to the models. We’ll talk about how different types of materials react to damage – wood vs. metal or concrete. We’ll cover methods for breaking apart pieces of geometry as well as dressing the set and using dynamics to add rubble very quickly. Once done, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned and start destroying your own 3d models.

1. Introduction and Project Overview
2. Isolating relevant geometry
3. Removing large chunks of the building
4. Manipulating the ceiling interior
5. Manipulating the floor interior
6. Dressing the set with props and debris
7. Dressing the window areas
8. Breaking concrete and stone pieces
9. Breaking wood pieces
10. Assembling rubble with dynamics
11. Detailing block damage in Zbrush
12. Detailing wood damage in Zbrush

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