Jual Video Tutorial FXPHD – FXPHD Maya Lighting and Rendering

FXPHD - FXPHD Maya Lighting and RenderingKode : D024, Kategori : Video Training
Judul : FXPHD – Maya Lighting and Rendering
Harga 1 DVD : 15.000

Deskripsi : Matt Leonard has been signed up again to lead a new Maya course… this one based upon popular requests from fxphd postgrads. Maya2008 will be provided for non-commercial use on the fxphd VPN, and with this comes the new mental ray 3.6 Core. It fits in brilliantly with the planned content this term.
Leonard has worked in the animation and visual effects industry for over sixteen years producing state-of-the-art work for feature films, broadcast and commercials in the UK and US markets. He has set up and run animation divisions in five companies, overseen animators and compositors, worked as a CG Supervisor on various projects and has overseen live-action shoots.

Professor: Matt Leonard (mattdleonard)

Class 1: Preparing to light, types of lights and their usage, lighting decay, diffuse and specular, light properties, light linking and gobos, speeding up tests.
Class 2: The first of two classes looking at mental ray shaders: general overview along with specifics such as mental rays Lamber, Phong and Blinn textures
Class 3: The second of two classes looking at mental ray shaders
Class 4: Mental Ray Render Settings, Global Illumination, Final Gather, Caustics, HDRI, HDR Shop, Sun & Sky environment, along with anti-aliasing quality, ray-tracing and shadows
Class 5: In this Maya class we look at render layers, mattes, openEXR and Command Line Rendering
Class 7: In this Maya class we look at Lighting Environments and Architectural Models: Lighting for daytime, sun light, sky lights, night time, practical lights, mental ray fog, window lighting, indirect lighting, and corners (negative lighting)
Class 8: In this Maya class we look at integrating 3D with Live Action
Class 9: In this Maya class we texturing and rendering particles, specifically particles render types including: MultiPoint, MultiStreak, Numeric, Point, Spheres, Sprites, Streaks, Blobby Surface (s/w), Clouds (s/w), and (Tubes (s/w), hardware rendering and the use of mental ray with particles
Class 10: Renderman for Maya: General Render Setup, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Particles, Global Illumination, Subsurface Scattering, Deep Shadows, RenderMan Shaders, Secondary Outputs and Caustics

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