Jual Video Tutorial Chris Brennan: Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu 8 DVD (dicompress 1 DVD)

Chris Brennan Freestyle 8 DVD SetKode : S016, Kategori : Video Training
Judul : Chris Brennan: Freestyle Jiu-Jitsu 8 DVD (dicompress 1 DVD)
Harga 1 DVD : 15.000

Deskripsi : 8 DVD Video training for MMA yang dicompress dalam 1 dvd. Video training petarung MMA dari teknik dasar sampai teknik rahasia yang digunakan Chris Brennan dalam pertarungan..


– Strikes From Standing Position:
Strikes from a standing position here Chris teaches you jabs, cross’s, hip power, stances & footwork, hooks, undercuts, shin strikes, front kicks, switch kicks, high kicks to the head, back leg kicks, knee strikes from the clinch, knee strikes to the thigh, mid section and face, a variety of elbow strikes, shucks, foot and hand striking combos, defense from strikes and a lot more.

– Takedowns
Chris shows you dozens of ways to take a man off his feet.

– Passing the guard:
Passing the guard basic guard passing, hand positioning and control. Leg and knee positions, passing with a double underhook, nhb oriented guard passing, passing through the middle, passing the open guard starting from a standing position, passing when your opponents hooks are inside.

– Leg attacks & counters:
Leg attacks and counters knee bars, heel hooks, leglock drills, toeholds, wrapping the leg and positioning, use of your blade to inflict pain, footlock from the inside guard, footlock from the bottom, counters to footlocks and a lot more.

– Submissions Volume 1:
Submissions volume 1 this DVD covers a variety of submissions from various positions. Enclued here are, subs from the closed guard, neck crank and various arm locks, sissor head clamp, counters and escapes from armlocks, upside down american lock, bicep locks, drills for armlocks, triangle choke and variations, chokes from the bottom position and guillitine from the guard.

– Submissions volume 2:
Submissions volume 2 here you will learn submissions from the mount and crosside, setting up arm bars from the mount, guillitine from the mount, defense from a mounted position, keeping the mount, switching from mount to sidemount, american lock, various arm attacks and control from the side mount.

– Kimura & Keylocks:
Armlocks from the back, defenses to the kimura grip, applying the basic kimura grip and keylocks, arm wrapping, kimura from the ground while opponent has your back, kimura to armbar on the ground, improving your position against opponents back, circling and getting his back and setting your hooks in.

– Back Attacks:
Chris shows you how to finish someone off once you get behind them.

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