Jual Video UFC Best Of 2010

UFC - Best Of 2010Kode : S021, Kategori : Video Pertandingan
Judul : UFC – Best Of 2010
Harga 2 DVD : 14.000

Deskripsi : Pertandingan UFC terbaik taun 2010, bagi para pencinta beladiri dan penggemar UFC, DVD ini sangat lengkap dan menghibur, juga dapat dijadikan referensi teknik pertandingannya.

UFC: Best of 2010 presents a documentary style look at 2010 through the weight classes, standout fighters, and memorable UFC headlines. The merger of the sister company World Elite CageFighting, aka WEC, the arrival of UFC pay-per-view events to new markets and the acceptance of mixed martial arts in new areas like Toronto, you get a clear picture that the UFC is growing and will continue their rise as a mainstream sports company.

B.J. Penn’s inability to solve Frankie Edgar and the questions circulating around Penn’s training regime are given a positive spin thanks to Penn’s jump back to welterweight and quick knockout win of UFC Hall-of-Famer Matt Hughes. Hughes is also given the spotlight due to the number of achievements in his career, records that are still not broken, and for his ability to still compete after a long UFC career.

Included in the 2010 year in review for the DVD edition is 13 full fights along with 10 full bonus fights. The difference in the blu-ray edition is that it has 38 full fights in total. GSP fans will want to see the blu-ray edition if they missed out on getting the UFC 124 DVD as GSP VS. Koscheck 2 is not featured on the DVD. Kimbo Slice fans also only get a chance to see the popular heavyweight on blu-ray. Both editions have Chuck Liddell’s final MMA bout against Rich Franklin.

2010 was one of the best years for UFC making their Best of 2010 DVD or blu-ray a great collector’s item. Also a great watch for fans that cannot get enough UFC and easily the best buy for fans that are new to the sport or missed out on a few UFC events. The best now, soon to be, and will be for years to come are well represented in this huge 2-disc set.

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