Jual Video Tutorial vild-history channel human weapon judo samurai legacy

vild-history channel human weapon judo samurai legacyKode : S032, Kategori : Video Dokumenter
Judul : vild-history channel human weapon judo samurai legacy
Harga 1 DVD : 7.000

Deskripsi : Our hosts, Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, are in Japan to explore the techniques and history of Japan’s national art of hand-to-hand combat: Judo – the science of the Samurai. Derived from the bloody battlefields of feudal Japan and jujutsu fighting styles of the samurai, judo has an illustrious past of deadly skills and honor. Along their journey, our hosts travel through the towering metropolis of Tokyo and the Samurai capital of Kyoto. They’ll train with an elite police force and journey to the mountaintop hideaway of legendary master, the descendent of a 400-year-old line of samurai.

Under the intense training of the masters, Jason and Bill quickly discover the spectacular throws, merciless pins and strangling chokeholds that are an integral part of this powerful combat art. Jason and Bill’s journey eventually leads them to Tokai University, where one of them will muster the strength and newly acquired judo skills required to take on a world-class judo champion. Japan

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