Jual Video Tutorial Lynda.com – XHTML and HTML Essential Training

Lynda.com - XHTML and HTML Essential TrainingKode : W007, Kategori : Video Tutorial
Judul : Lynda.com – XHTML and HTML Essential Training
Harga Dvd : 10.000

Deskripsi : In XHTML and HTML Essential Training, Bill Weinman helps designers and coders understand XHTML and HTML. In the process, Bill covers document structure, block- and inline-level tags, floating images, controlling white space, phrase and font markup, and tables and frames. He even provides a good introduction to CSS. Bill offers step-by-step guidance for building a complete working web site. Exercise files accompany the course.
Introduction Welcome 01m 16s
Using the exercise files 01m 23s
Choosing a text editor 02m 31s

1. Introducing XHTML and HTML Introducing HTML and XHTML 02m 53s
Understanding versions of HTML and XHTML 02m 25s
Exploring a simple XHTML page 04m 47s
Understanding the structure of an XHTML document 02m 58s
Understanding document containers 00m 54s
Creating and using templates 01m 49s

2. Text Tags Understanding how empty space is formatted in XHTML 02m 42s
Using paragraph tags 02m 42s
Aligning paragraphs 02m 49s
Understanding block-level and inline tags 01m 24s
Controlling line breaks and spaces 05m 43s
Formatting text with phrase element tags 03m 28s
Formatting text with font markup elements 03m 24s
Adding document structure with headings 03m 25s
Formatting quotations and quote marks 02m 19s
Preserving pre-formatted text 01m 30s
Selecting a typeface 04m 33s
Selecting a type size 02m 11s
Using ordered and unordered lists 05m 54s

3. Image Tags Using inline images 03m 17s
Flowing text around an image 02m 04s
Breaking lines around an image 02m 27s

4. Link Tags Working with hyperlinks 07m 46s
Using relative URLs 03m 05s
Specifying a base URL 02m 04s
Linking within a page using fragments 04m 28s
Creating image links 05m 11s

5. Tables Introducing tables 04m 37s
Formatting tables with CSS 08m 50s
Aligning images with tables 05m 07s
Reviewing an alternative solution using CSS 04m 22s

6. Frames Introducing frames 07m 56s
Hiding frame borders 03m 15s
Creating inline frames using iFrame 03m 20s

7. Forms Introducing forms: part 1 10m 37s
Introducing forms: part 2 07m 45s
Using CGI with forms 02m 28s

8. CSS Introducing CSS 03m 11s
Understanding levels of inheritance 06m 10s
Learning CSS syntax 11m 23s
Using units of measure in CSS 04m 58s

9. Creating a Simple Web Page from Scratch Comparing table layout and CSS layout 01m 25s
Exploring the finished web site 02m 37s
Building a document header 08m 18s
Placing a banner and a contact button 08m 13s
Laying out a main menu 06m 55s
Creating a layout template: main body area 13m 31s
Creating a layout template: sidebar area 05m 17s
Creating a layout template: footer content 04m 46s
Building a main home page: main body content 11m 24s
Building a main home page: sidebar content 08m 52s
Creating a page with a menu, graphics, and formatted links 13m 26s
Creating a page containing an ordered list 06m 44s
Creating a page containing video 10m 45s
Touring the finished site 03m 45s

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