Jual Video Tutorial Total Training – Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Total Training - Adobe Premiere Pro CS4Video tutorial Editing video menggunakan adobe premiere, adobe premiere adalah software untuk mengolah video dari kamera profesional, handycam sampai kamera hp menjadi sebuah film, video klip, iklan, dokumenter, berita dll.. Tutorial ini berisi tutorial dasar tentang pengenalan dan penggunaan tool adobe premiere untuk mengolah video. Cocok buat anda yang lagi mulai belajar dari awal atau yang sudah bisa untuk lebih mengenal penggunaan semua tool dengan benar hingga anda dapat bebas berkreasi membuat video yang indah sesuai keinginan.

Deskripsi : Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: Essentials will get you up and running fast as a well rounded editor. After watching this training, you will know all about the Premiere Pro interface, how to import various types of video and other media, plus how to edit your work, and polish your project with graphics. In addition, you’ll also learn how to fine tune audio with Premiere Pro’s array of audio tools and export your project to DVD or as a media file to be shared on the Internet. This training is just what you need to learn the fundamentals Premiere Pro CS4 fast!
1. A First Look at Premiere Pro CS4
2. Making a Quick Edit

Chapter 2: EXPLORING THE INTERFACE (1:28:50)
1. Starting a New Project
2. Setting Up Your Sequence
3. Preferences
4. Keyboard Customization & Workspaces
5. Introducing the Project Panel
6. More Project Panel
7. The Source Panel
8. The Program & Timeline Panels – the Relationship
9. The Program & Timeline Panels – Controls & Options
10. The New CS4 Panels: Media Browser, Metadata & History

1. Setting Device Control & Capture Preferences
2. The Capture Window Controls & Setup
3. Logging Clip Data, Timecode, & Capturing
4. Batch Capturing & Creating an Offline File
5. Importing Files into the Project Panel

Chapter 4: THE EDITING TOOLS (33:54)
1. Using the Razor Blade Tool & Snapping
2. Working in the Source Panel
3. Removing Content from the Timeline
4. Using the Roll Tool
5. Working in the Trim Monitor
6. Using the Slip & Slide Tools
7. The Track Select & Rate Stretch Tools & Markers

Chapter 5: WORKING WITH AUDIO (50:13)
1. Audio Preferences
2. Source Channel Mapping
3. Audio & The Source Panel
4. Speech Transcription
5. Adjusting Levels with Keyframes
6. Audio Effects & Transitions
7. The Audio Mixer
8. Audio Mixer Automation
9. Exporting Audio

Chapter 6: CREATING TITLES (32:30)
1. Integrating After Effects ? & Photoshop ?
2. The Title Tool & Creating an End Slate
3. Creating Lower Thirds
4. Creating a Credit Roll

Chapter 7: GRAPHICS & ANIMATION (1:03:19)
1. Introduction to Effects
2. Color Correction Using Auto Color & RGB Curves
3. Copying & Pasting Effects, Saving Presets
4. Adjusting Luminosity
5. Applying Transitions, Setting the Default Transition
6. Aligning Transitions in the Effect Controls Panel
7. The Basics of Keyframing
8. Setting Up a Slideshow
9. Animating a Slideshow
10. Easing Keyframes

1. Using the Project Manager
2. Exporting Media
3. Exporting to Tape
4. Exporting to DVD
5. End Credits

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