Jual Video Tutorial Benny Greb – The Language of Drumming

Benny Greb - The Language of DrummingKode : M009, Kategori : Video Training
Judul : Benny Greb – The Language of Drumming
Harga 1 DVD : 7.000

Belajar teknik bermain drum dari Benny Greb, silahkan baca deskripsi isi tutorial dibawah ini :

Deskripsi : The Language of Drumming-is a delightful excursion into the unique concept of drumming from Benny Greb’a. Detailed and practical approach based on the principle of learning language. Familiarity with the system begins with basic rhythmic “letters” and “words”, then gradually expands, including a wide variety of topics, such as the achievement of the groove, interdependence, improvisation, active vocabulary rudiments, rhythm and Indian system frazirovok in western interpretation, and structure of this extensive material is easy to understand, and therefore available for both beginners and more experienced drummers.
The Language of Drumming: A System for Musical Expression – can be considered one of the most creative musical training programs ever released on video, and virtually all over the video school is accompanied by a unique sense of humor Benny Greb’a, while it shows a surprisingly resourceful ways in which the drummer should analyze your game and develop it. Among other things, video school includes unparalleled performance with Pete Lockett’om, brass band Benny Greb Brass Band and a wonderful drum solo.

– Introduction.
Part 1. Letters.
Alphabet of rhythm. Letters with even and ternary fission.
Warm up on.
The letters on the small barabne and pad. Checking flatness. Training dynamics and fingerings.
Rudiments of. Diddley. Flemy. Pair of single strokes.
of letters on the drum kit. The letters of the bass drum, hi-hat, snare drum.
Part 2. Words.
of the Introduction.
Odd about the group. Diddley 1 and 2. Flemy. Pair of single strokes. An odd grouping for bass drum, hi-hat, snare drum.
The shift of the groups. Position. Doubling groups. Orchestration groups.
of repetition. Changing the division. Independence and coordination.
Part 3. Syntax.
Construction of arbitrary sentences.
Game of the phrase accents. Diddley 1 and 2. Flemy. Pair of single strokes. Phrases for the bass drum, hi-hat, snare drum.
Part 4. Conversation.
of Hearing.
of Improvisation.
A sense of time.
Sound of creativity.
about prisoners.
Includes a booklet (PDF) and ripnutoe menu of the DVD, because it is fun, and bonuses with translation!

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