Jual DVD Video Dokumenter Beladiri – Xtreme Martial Arts Discovery Channel XMA

Discovery-Channel-XMA---Xtreme-Martial-ArtsKode : S040, Kategori : Video Dokumenter
Judul : Discovery Channel XMA – Xtreme Martial Arts
Harga 1 DVD : 6000

Jual DVD Video Dokumenter tentang beladiri beladiri ekstrim dunia dan dengan analisa kekuatan jurus – jurusnya dalam menghancurkan organ lawan dengan teknologi canggi motion capture untuk mendeteksi gerakan.

Deskripsi : See the world’s legendary fighting styles in an entirely new way. As young martial artists Mike Chaturantabut and Matt Mullins fight their way through the world’s most prestigious tournament, East meets West in a stunning application of visual technologies…and the biomechanical secrets behind the world’s martial arts are revealed for the first time. Using advanced animation techniques, this documentary takes viewers inside the bodies of martial artists as they kick, punch and chop, combining to provide a seamless blend of live action and animation. Masters showcase how warriors can quickly master common household items – like a traditional Japanese hand fan – to devastate their opponents.

— COD : Area jogja cuma melayani di daerah Condong catur,,, luar Jogja kirim via JNE ongkir tanggung pembeli, Kirim JNE untuk area Jogja cuma Rp 3.000 jika anda tidak mau repot COD ketemuan. —

— CP : 08562938548, PIN : 323DC981 —

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