Jual DVD Video Tutorial Fotografi PhotoshopCAFE Perfect Composition for Digital Photographers

PhotoshopCAFE-Perfect-Composition-for-Digital-PhotographersJual DVD Video Tutorial Fotografi PhotoshopCAFE Perfect Composition for Digital Photographers
Kode : F040, Kategori : Video Training Photography
Judul : PhotoshopCAFE Perfect Composition for Digital Photographers
Harga 1 DVD : 10.000

Jual tutorial fotografi PhotoshopCAFE Perfect Composition for Digital Photographers, dalam tutorial ini dijelaskan dasar – dasar teknik komposisi fotografi agar menciptakan suatu komposisi yang indah dilihat. Hal ini sangat dasar karena mengambil gambar dengan aturan – aturan komposisi seperti rule of third, rule of space, rule of odd, dan masih banyak lagi. Tutorial ini sangat membantu anda untuk membuat suatu karya seni fotografi yang indah dan cantik.
Deskripsi : Have you ever marveled at the work of skilled photographer’s and thought, “I wish I was talented like like that?” Guess what! All of the superstars started where you are. These things can be taught!
This video teaches you how to transform your photography! Your images will instantly become more powerful and engaging. In addition to teaching you the rules of composition, Tim shows you why the rules work, and when to break them! This video takes you through the steps of seeing, designing, and executing the final composition. Learn how your shutter speeds, f-stops, and lens length are crucial to composing your photo. Never take a boring shot again.Tim Cooper has been travelling all over the nation for a decade, helping thousands of photographers hone their craft. For the first time ever, Tim sat down in his studio and captured the magic on this video. As you watch, Tim’s plain English style will cause you to understand composition and realize, it’s not all luck and natural talent that captures great photos.
– COD (Cash On Delivery) : Area jogja cuma melayani di daerah Condong catur,,, luar Jogja kirim via JNE, TIKI, POS INDONESIA dan WAHANA EXPRESS ongkir tanggung pembeli, Kirim via JNE untuk area Jogja cuma Rp 8.000 jika anda tidak mau repot COD ketemuan. Pembayaran via Transfer ke bank BCA dan Muamalat –

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