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KelbyTraining.com---Frank-Doorhof---Creative-Light-Uses-in-Studio-PhotographyhyJual DVD Tutorial Fotografi Creative Light Uses in Studio Photography Frank Doorhof – KelbyTraining
Kode : F046, Kategori : Video Training Photography
Judul : Creative Light Uses in Studio Photography Frank Doorhof – KelbyTraining
Harga 1 DVD : 10.000

Jual tutorial fotografi Creative Light Uses in Studio Photography dari Frank Doorhof menjelaskan tentang teknik lighting pada studio fotografi. Dalam tutorial ini di jelaskan tips trik lighting pada studio fotografi tentang cara – cara yang digunakan dalam studio fotografi. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan baca deskripsi dvd tutorial fotografi dibawah ini :

Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Posing Your Models (Duration 05:24)
Frank shares some tips on directing your models for better lines and curves in their poses which will translate to better images

Lesson 2: Making the Most of Your Soft Box (Duration 08:13)
This lesson has tricks for optimizing the use of your Elinchrom Octa soft box

Lesson 3: Maximize Your Deep Octa (Duration 08:36)
Frank shows different ways to configure a deep Octa soft box and how to account for the hot spot

Lesson 4: Two Strip Lights (Duration 05:09)
Frank places his model between two strip lights and uses flags to block excess light

Lesson 5: Hard Light (Duration 06:20)
Frank places his model in front of a black background with hard light and uses a second strobe to open up the shadows

Lesson 6: Walls, Music, and Flags (Duration 08:51)
The ability to be creative with your lighting will allow you to shoot wherever you want

Lesson 7: Casting Shadows (Duration 06:02)
Use a white wall behind the subject to create interesting shadows in the images

Lesson 8: Wind and Fire Cloth (Duration 07:49)
Add some action to your photos with a wind machine and a fire cloth

Lesson 9: Posing Hands (Duration 05:35)
Frank demonstrates the right and wrong ways to include the hands in your shot

Lesson 10: Rembrandt and Butterfly Lighting (Duration 03:27)
These two lighting setups are very popular and provide a good base for getting started

Lesson 11: Painting with Light (Duration 04:47)
Adjusting shutter speed to capture hot lights

Lesson 12: Wet Hair and Rain (Duration 05:53)
Making small changes to your model gives your shots a unique look

Lesson 13: Quick Tips (Duration 03:03)
Mark the floor of your studio so that your models know where to stand

Lesson 14: Plastic and the Great Escape (Duration 04:34)
Placing two lights behind plastic creates a very unique look for this shot

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