Jual DVD Video Tutorial Fotografi Senior-Portraits-Background,-Props-and-Shooting-Ideas James Schmelzer – kelby Training

KelbyTraining---James-Schmelzer---Senior-Portraits---Background,-Props-and-Shooting-IdeasJual DVD Video Tutorial Fotografi Senior Portraits – Background, Props and Shooting Ideas James Schmelzer – KelbyTraining
Kode : F047, Kategori : Video Training Photography
Judul : KelbyTraining – James Schmelzer – Senior Portraits – Background, Props and Shooting Ideas
Harga 1 DVD : 10.000

Jual tutorial fotografi Senior Portraits Background, Props and Shooting yang ideal dari James Schemelzer menjelaskan tentang teknik Portraits untuk fotografi. Dalam tutorial ini di jelaskan tips trik potrait, background dan properti yang ideal dari fotografer profesional senior James Schemelzer. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan baca deskripsi dvd tutorial fotografi dibawah ini :

Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:55)
An introduction to the instructor and what will be covered in this course

Lesson 2: Zebra Print (Duration 08:24)
Controlling the light on an animal print background with daylight-balanced fluorescent bulbs by Westcott

Lesson 3: CD Wall (Duration 02:35)
The reflective surfaces of the CDs make for an interesting challenge

Lesson 4: Shag Rug (Duration 01:43)
Breaking up the wall behind the subject with fill light

Lesson 5: Beads and Hand-Painted Foam Core (Duration 04:34)
Creative painting and turning your light into a spotlight with Turbo Spot

Lesson 6: Old Boards and Chipped Paint (Duration 03:12)
Be sure to offer a variety of backgrounds for your customers to choose from

Lesson 7: Pillows and a White Background (Duration 07:38)
Inspiration can come from walking around the mall and looking at the window displays

Lesson 8: Rose Petals (Duration 05:01)
One of the more beautiful and popular poses for high school portraits

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