Jual DVD Video Tutorial Fotografi Senior Portraits Lighting Techniques – James Schemelzer – Kelby Training

Tutorial-Fotografi-Senior-Portraits-Lighting-Techniques-–-KelbyTraining---James-SchmelzerJual DVD Video Tutorial Fotografi  Senior Portraits Lighting TechniquesKelbyTraining- James Schmelzer
Kode : F048, Kategori : Video Training Photography
Judul : KelbyTraining- James Schmelzer – Senior Portraits – Lighting Techniques
Harga 1 DVD : 10.000

Jual tutorial fotografi Senior Portraits Lighting Techniques dari James Schemelzer menjelaskan tentang teknik Pencahayaan Portraits untuk fotografi. Dalam tutorial ini di jelaskan tips trik lighting dari fotografer profesional senior James Schemelzer. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan baca deskripsi dvd tutorial fotografi dibawah ini :

Course Lessons:
Lesson 1: Introduction (Duration 01:47)
Quality portraits are all about quality lighting

Lesson 2: Diffusion versus Softness (Duration 03:00)
What is the correct placement for your studio light in relation to the subject?

Lesson 3: Working with an Umbrella (Duration 04:29)
Using an umbrella to increase the size of your light source

Lesson 4: The Soft Box (Duration 05:46)
Determining the correct distance to place your softbox away from the subject

Lesson 5: Positioning the Soft Box (Duration 06:13)
Joe talks positioning the soft box around the subject

Lesson 6: Reflectors (Duration 02:46)
Using a reflector to fill the light around your subject

Lesson 7: Light Positions (Duration 19:25)
Going over some of the different light patterns typically used with portrait photography

Lesson 8: Conclusion (Duration 01:04)
Learn the rudimentary theories of lighting and have fun and success shooting senior portraits

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